Ranks Digital Media | Emails Aren’t Bringing Business? Always Avoid These 3 Email Designing Mistakes!
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common email-marketing-mistakes

Emails Aren’t Bringing Business? Always Avoid These 3 Email Designing Mistakes!

Email Marketing, a competent method to send the emails to the customers and reach the huge amount of clients in a single move. The technology has increased the importance of the emails for the businesses for grabbing the customer line. Therefore, your emails have to be different from those offered by your competitors.

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing Design

You would find a lot of tips for improvising your revenues via emails. While you imply them in your work, you also need to know the common mistakes that must always be avoided by the email marketers. Let’s get to know 3 common mistakes while designing an email for marketing:

Extra Creativity in Font Size, Style or Color: Your customers must not feel any difficulty in reading your emails. However, you obviously know what needs to be done, but at fewer times we design the emails in overconfidence. Herein, make sure that you do not increase the font size too much and no fancy work should be added in it. Keep the font size for body text to 14. Don’t experiment with the font style; simply use up to two fonts, i.e. one for heading and another for the body text. Use simple colors in email texts and keep the bright ones for the call to action buttons.

Use of Complicated Images: Making use of images surely grabs the user attention, but don’t just overstuff your email with a lot of images. Keep the pics used in an email to be simple and make sure they do not make the customers feel offended at all. The use of basic images is the best idea that is associated with your products and the message sent to them. Do some extra work in choosing the images that have a relevance to your message, so it doesn’t give an alienated look to the message.

Inconsistency in Messaging: The ultimate aim of sending emails is business with the help of making the users to subscribe your newsletter or emails or other important docs. Herein, ensure that you follow the consistency in your templates. Though, there are factors that can surely change, i.e. subject, title, body text and the relevant images. But, try to remain consistent in terms of color schemes, organization branding, and the theme that’s related to the previous emails.

Keep in mind that these mistakes must always be avoided while drafting a message for Email Marketing. Implementing these changes will surely cut down the number of unsubscribes and increase the number of engaging subscribers. Hence, these amazing tips of Digital Marketing can assist in retaining the users for your business profits.