Ranks Digital Media | Explore An Amazing Feature of LinkedIn That Can Bring Immense Connections!
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how to make linkedin connections

Explore An Amazing Feature of LinkedIn That Can Bring Immense Connections!

LinkedIn recently redesigned itself and has added more features for the ease of users. But, there are a few lesser known features of LinkedIn that if used in a right manner; they can make you look different from others and you may gain more connections.

This feature gives the ability to the senders to attach a URL along with the sending invitations. While this quality sounds different, it’s also risky to include it in your message. Most of the people these days try to stay away from the links sent from strangers. So, the link has to be clear and precise and the receiver must find something interesting in the link and worth clicking.

Sending a Personalized Invite

LinkedIn is one such platform that acts as a treasure to find out the prospective customers. However, people fail to find them, as they do not apply the personalized approach and send the usual pre-designed template messages. This must be changed and before sending the message, make sure you have gone through that person’s profile. Also, ensure that your profile must look like client-facing and not like any other common ones.  

Using the URL in the Message

Try to put an introductory video in your profile along with the LInkedIn script that can make your prospective connections feel the genuinity in your name and your work. You can use URL shorteners to work well while sending the invitations.

Quality Matters

Yes, it’s good to have more connections over LinkedIn. But, there’s no point of sending them irrelevant invites. Volume does not matter to that extent, but quality does. Before sending an invite to the person, you need to do some research work. Also, maintain a plan for follow-ups as well, for earning some impressive outcomes.

Hence, one must not forget that instead of the fact that LinkedIn is a good place to make new connections, but applying a great way to reach the contacts is a must. This approach not only brings you new contacts, but it will also increase your credibility amongst the customers. Hence, make sure your LinkedIn profile is managed and made so perfectly that people don’t have to give a second thought to accept your invites.