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Digital Marketing / 28.12.2016

The ones who are constantly a part of Content Marketing must be aware about the ever debatable topic of content quality and quantity. There can be a debate for ample hours about which one should be given a priority. Either appealing content should be given in small amounts or larger quantity should be delivered. It has always been a concern ever since! Why Do You Have To Choose? We all understand we have to make a choice. But, why is it so necessary that there has to be a...

Digital Marketing / 27.12.2016

The effective result of the content marketing strategy is entirely based on the quality of the content provided under your brand name. If you have an outstanding approach for your content, it will bloom for you, else get ready to stay back and fall down faster than you would imagine. 5 Step Content Marketing Strategy Process A terrific content owns the qualities that reinforce a huge amount of traffic and has shareable qualities; thus imparting strength to the content marketing strategy. There are 5 major steps that should be considered...

Digital Marketing, Web Design / 26.12.2016

The purpose of the call to action button is to convert the visitors on your website into the useful leads. If your CTAs fail in this task, this turn to be a serious matter and you are surely losing the business. Call to Action buttons must have some different aspects that must be kept in mind while you place them on your website to bring better results. Vital Elements of a Call to Action Button A Call To Action serves the purpose of getting the clicks and the conversion on...