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Digital Marketing / 28.11.2016

Marketing is a tool that if not handled properly can bring huge losses. These may include financial loss, lower web traffic, and lower profit graphs. Sadly, the Internet Marketers commit some very common mistakes, either knowingly or unknowingly and fail miserably in marketing their product or services. Most Common Mistakes Committed by Internet Marketers Depending Upon Single Traffic Source: The best part of the digital marketing world is that there are innumerable channels to promote your business. But, once we find out one of the channels, we tend to...

Mobile Application Development / 25.11.2016

The world is getting used for mobile devices and the introduction of smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices have increased the requirement to an introduction of Mobile Applications. Gone are the days when you were visible on the internet only through a website. You need to follow the latest trend as well and it is asking you to launch an App for your business. Now, there is an App for nearly every thinkable purpose, be it travelling, food, books, games, songs, movies and so on; the list has a...

Web Design, Web Development / 24.11.2016

Whenever we hear the term Web Design, the only observation that rolls in our mind is that it only needs technical knowledge of coding and creating various layouts. Instead, it’s something more than that and includes other processes as well. Processes That Equip Creativity in Your Website Design There is a requirement of making a proper strategy and the process that aligns the tasks; eventually delivering an amazing website. Let’s take a look at the processes involved in Web Designing: Strategizing for the Website: If the website is made for a...