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Web Development / 11.04.2017

HTML is a well known standard for displaying the Internet content into a web browser. HTML5 is the new and an advanced phase of this language that involves displaying video content or animations (using the JavaScript). The increasing access to mobile devices has risen up the need of using HTML5 in the web browsers, as it converts the regular ones into responsive websites. Here’s Why HTML5 Is The Future HTML5 has evolved a lot with time and attained the maturity level that it can handle various applications based on various...

Digital Marketing / 05.04.2017

LinkedIn recently redesigned itself and has added more features for the ease of users. But, there are a few lesser known features of LinkedIn that if used in a right manner; they can make you look different from others and you may gain more connections. This feature gives the ability to the senders to attach a URL along with the sending invitations. While this quality sounds different, it’s also risky to include it in your message. Most of the people these days try to stay away from the links...

Digital Marketing / 03.04.2017

Keywords are considered a prominent part of SEO and working on them helps in gaining the right amount of web traffic through Search Engines. Every business is willing to optimize a website in a way that it allows the users to locate it without any difficulty. So, the primary option to be implemented is a fitting use of Search Engine Optimization amalgamating it with the Keywords. Proper Method of Using Keywords While there are many people around the web world that make use of Keywords in order to reach the...