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Digital Marketing / 22.11.2016

Now digital world has let the users to check your online credibility and reputation that will let them monitor, identify, and influence their decision of choosing or rejecting you. In recent times, this online presence and your brand value are denoted with a term called Online Reputation. The strategy of managing the online reliability is done with the help of Online Reputation Management (ORM) and this will assist you in getting a brand awareness and grab hold new business opportunities. Role Performed by Online Reputation Management No matter if you are...

Web Design / 21.11.2016

A huge rush has been witnessed in the development of mobile devices, tablets, smart watches and many more. Not to mention, this originated the two terms - Adaptive Web Design (AWD) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) that grabbed the spotlight; thus leaving the designers to make a choice between the two. Concept behind Responsive and Adaptive Before we move on, let’s take a look at the concept of the two: Responsive Web Design: To put it simply, it is like a fluid that adjusts itself in accordance with the container...

Digital Marketing / 18.11.2016

There’s a myth in the minds of many that it’s nearly impossible to get an SEO done for the E-Commerce website. But, time and technology have changed this mindset and an introduction of some advanced SEO strategies has made it possible for E-commerce ventures to deliver exemplary services. SEO Tips to Gain Higher Ranking for e-commerce websites If you already own an e-commerce website or heading up to launch one; we bring you some tips on implementing the SEO techniques to make it more successful: Refined Navigation: It allows the...