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Web Design / 21.11.2016

A huge rush has been witnessed in the development of mobile devices, tablets, smart watches and many more. Not to mention, this originated the two terms - Adaptive Web Design (AWD) and Responsive Web Design (RWD) that grabbed the spotlight; thus leaving the designers to make a choice between the two. Concept behind Responsive and Adaptive Before we move on, let’s take a look at the concept of the two: Responsive Web Design: To put it simply, it is like a fluid that adjusts itself in accordance with the container...

Digital Marketing / 18.11.2016

There’s a myth in the minds of many that it’s nearly impossible to get an SEO done for the E-Commerce website. But, time and technology have changed this mindset and an introduction of some advanced SEO strategies has made it possible for E-commerce ventures to deliver exemplary services. SEO Tips to Gain Higher Ranking for e-commerce websites If you already own an e-commerce website or heading up to launch one; we bring you some tips on implementing the SEO techniques to make it more successful: Refined Navigation: It allows the...