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Digital Marketing / 27.03.2017

Digital World is now segmenting the new areas for a better experience to the companies and the users. If a business advertises itself well in the process of Digital Transformation; it can survive in the competition. But, not every business is intelligent in applying the applauded Digital Marketing techniques. Hence, they are likely to get thrashed on the floor and vanish within a moment. Can Digital Transformation Be Dangerous for IT? Customer services have the precedence for knowing the metrics of all the IT companies. The technology has brought a...

Uncategorized / 23.03.2017

Phishing is the proficiency of deceiving the users and pilfering their confidential data such as passwords or account IDs by making them believe that your website will keep their data confidential. One of the ways that have supported this wicked practice of Phishing is through emails. Hackers have taken aid of emails in applying it and the access of internet along with the usage of Smartphones has multiplied this threat. Tips to Prevent Phishing Threats The impact of economic crisis can be noticed in every business and this is favorable...

Digital Marketing / 20.03.2017

Are you worried about the loss in business or your consumers are not trusting you anymore? Are you confused about how to mend this broken wall? There could be countless reasons that may lead to the failures of the businesses. Solutions For a Competitive Business in Digital World If there’s a problem, just rest assured is has a solution as well. Today, we will let you know some approaches that will call for an upliftment in your business model. There’s a checklist that will help you identify the factors that...