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Digital Marketing / 09.03.2017

The advent in the usage of WhatsApp has taken the digital storm to a new level. People tend to invest more time on this platform that connects easily with the audience and let them connect with each other. It acts as a very viral platform that allows in delivering the messages directly to the receiver.  Now, it has been considered as a tool that can be effectively used for an effective Digital Marketing or the WhatsApp Marketing. WhatsApp as a Digital Marketing Tool This great tool is recently being used...

Digital Marketing / 06.03.2017

Surviving in the competitive world is not an easy task, especially when you are only a budding company and you are likely to face a lot of pressure of the outside world that will make you feel to leave no stone unturned in reaching the top position in this business world. There’s a great need that every business should always keep an eye on what is being done. Making your business earn the online reputation can be a tough task for the startups, but if they choose the right...

Uncategorized / 02.03.2017

Is there a notable decline in the referral traffic? Is there a ponderous rise in the bounce rate of your website? This might be an alarming situation, as you may have become the victim of referral spamming or the ghost spamming. What is Ghost Spamming or Referral Spamming The Google Analytics works on the latest Referral Spam of the Google Analytics also known as Ghost Spamming. This type of spamming received its name, as it bypasses through server and attacks straightly on the Google Analytics. This traffic can be directly...