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Digital Marketing / 20.02.2017

Blogs, Articles, Infographics are a great part of the Digital Marketing strategy, but what if they do not work well for your brand? Do you need something else as well? Well, the answer is probably a ‘Yes’. Herein, you need to know that your brand needs some video marketing as well. The current trends have emerged the term called ‘VLOGGING’. Integrating Video Campaigns and Digital Marketing When you are done with other marketing tactics and not getting the expected results; give a little try to promote your brand through Video...

Mobile Application Development / 16.02.2017

Mobile applications are roaring like never before and calling for the advancement and updations. Now, every business is keen to find a suitable development partner that can help in delivering a great Mobile Application. Also, that can crucially bring down the errors and deliver a perfect end product. However, the organizations overlook the costs of development, but the fact is that there are so many other costs that are far more than the exact ones imagined by the businesses. Hidden Costs in Mobile Application Development Not only a developer, but there...

Digital Marketing / 14.02.2017

In our last blog we helped you to know about the Absolute A’s of Content Marketing. Hopefully, you have implemented some part of it in your content plan. Today, we have come forth to improvise your vocabulary about the B’s of Content Marketing that will improvise the Brand Identity. Let’s explore the Bravo B’s to gain benefits from it in your Content Marketing strategy: Best Practice: The best always wins and having this strategy used in the content marketing will surely bring success. Hence, try to make the best...