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Uncategorized / 20.01.2017

The times have changed and technology is overpowering, almost every possible thing. The craze in the online world is increasing day by day; thus, leading to the increase in online users. This has led the marketing budget to shift from television ads to online advertisements, and it has almost overtaken the budget spent on TV ads. Why SEM Holds Importance For Advertising The term online advertising is in trend and it is known in different forms, including display, social, and various Digital Marketing techniques for Ads. Today, we will cover...

Digital Marketing / 19.01.2017

Those businesses that have noticed the prominence of social media analytics, must have seen the various metrics that might look similar to each other. Be it about the shares, number of followers, likes, or common users, they can easily mingle with other data analytics. But, the number of online users has increased with time and is likely to grow even more with time. An Insight to The Metrics That Hold Relevance Social Media Marketing is the new baby in the city and is likely to grow up very fast. There...

Digital Marketing / 16.01.2017

Creating a content that is suitable for your audience is not an easy job for any business. Understanding the reader’s mind is a very tough thing to work on and not everyone is able to find the success path all at once. There’s a consistent need to share the content having a high quality, as this can be a great hope that the users visit your website. But, the side effect of this process is that it might take a longer time or there are lesser chances of...