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Panda Penguin Recovery

If you have received a notification from the Google about the use of unnatural links, then you are in trouble. But, there is no need to get panicked. All you need during those kind of situations is our customized Unnatural Link Removal Solutions.

Penguin Panda Recovery SEO Plan

By availing this Bad Link Removal solution, you will be getting maximum attention of some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. These experts will make sure that they are properly analyzing and then auditing the profile of each and every incoming link. Once each and every link has been analyzed, the experts will calculate the overall effects of these kind of situations and will contact the website owners and try every available means to persuade them to immediately remove their links.

Your business is in existence for quite some time, who all knows it? Do Google, Yahoo and Bing know about it, if it exists?

Detailed Description of Our Link Removal Plan:

  • Complete analysis of each Back link profile.
  • Auditing those profile and creating detailed report about them.
  • Check whether the website is over optimized of anchor text issues.
  • Complete removal of all bad spam techniques, Black Hat methods or any other thing which could have been affecting the website.
  • Our experts will also make sure that each and every bad links have been completely removed or deleted.
  • In cases, where our experts are unable to contact the website owner or are these owners are relenting to do that, we will provide your detailed report of those link profiles.
  • Complete report will be provided about those links which have been successfully removed.
  • Once most of the bad links are removed or deleted from the website, it automatically get saved from being penalized.
  • Once approximately 80% links are removed or deleted,We will file for reconsideration in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • This customized service is a monthly service. So, you can cancel this anytime.
  • With our Link Removal Plan, a website gets ultimately freed from the clutches of Manual Spam Action in a time span of 120-150 days.